Unusual colour combinations

So, this post was inspired by my mum. When she saw my new pink Liberty necklace here, she commented that it would look good with a yellow top. Well, I must have looked a bit horrified because she said, oh yes, people don’t realise how well yellow and pink go together. Now unlike me, she is very artistic so I trust her judgement when it comes to colours, so I thought I would have a go at putting them together.

And do you know, she is right! Here’s my necklace alongside my lovely yellow H&M jumper. Who would have guessed?

image So this got me thinking about other unusual colour combinations, and whether you can find them on the high street.

Obviously, red and green are a popular combination – in fact my kitchen is done out in this scheme. But what about purple and lime green? It’s one of my favourites, and one I probably don’t wear often enough. But as I’m sitting here typing this in my local coffee shop, I’ve noticed that the bunting outside is using a similar combo, just a slightly darker green:


And here are a few things I found using these colours – how fab do they look?

White Stuff cardi and skirt:


White stuff again:


And again:


Turquoise and orange? Could be a bit lurid but I think it would work if was mainly one colour and the other was used as a very subtle accent. Here are a few ideas:


And it’s also a popular theme at Monsoon – they have some fab items if you like this combination:

image image image

Here’s today’s outfit:



Navy cropped trousers – Next (last season)
White linen t shirt – H&M
Sandals – New Look
Multi coloured necklace – bought on holiday a few years ago in Majorca!
Denim jacket – Next
Bronze leather bag – Boden (from Ebay)

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