A bit of Halloween baking

Spooky goings on in our house this Halloween! Actually, it’s quieter than normal as my oldest two are away at their grandparents so they’ll be trick or treating elsewhere. So I’ve just got my little 2 year old, who doesn’t really understand all the fuss. I’m sure he’ll help to eat all the sweets at the front door though! As a compromise, we did a bit of an alternative Halloween before they went. Instead of the pumpkin lanterns we build a scary house! To be honest, it was a bit of a ploy to try out my new gingerbread house mould from Lakeland.

image image

I got it last year and then promptly forgot about it, but once I rediscovered it I was desperate to give it a go.   Unfortunately, there was a little tear in the silicone but it was quickly swapped for a new one by my local branch. The gingerbread recipe on the pack is super easy to follow and gives great results. You get it into the mould by tearing off bits of the dough and pressing it in, so it’s easy for kids of all ages and they don’t have to be too accurate.

Once out of the oven I followed the instructions for making up Royal icing, then stuck the sides together then left it for an hour or two to harden. I must say, I expected it to collapse, particularly when the kids started to decorate it but actually it was rock solid! It’s really designed for Christmas or birthdays, but we decided to do a spooky theme to fit in with the time of year. So we used icing cobwebs and spiders, and stuck Haribo bats and cauldrons to the roof, and finished it off with a good sprinkle of green glitter dust.


It looked really good out on display and the kids loved eating it too. It did soften up after a day or two, so it’s best either eaten straight away, or perhaps just made up as a decoration. I think I’ll do that for Christmas and just leave it out on display for a couple of weeks rather than eating it.

You can also make it up in chocolate which I think would be a winner. You need 1200g of chocolate but Aldi and Lidl stock it for about 30p per 100g bar so you could do it quite cheaply, and it would have the added benefit of lasting a bit longer too.

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